Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Saturday Morning at Saluggi's

There are a couple of reasons why I love my neighborhood. The first being my amazing neighbor, Jose.  He lives only one block away and I love unexpectedly running into him, his hubby and dog while strolling down one of our cobblestone streets.  Unplanned sightings of familiar faces make me feel like I live in a sitcom.  

The second reason why I love my neighborhood is because Saluggi's is right around the corner.  Saluggi's is a downtown pizzeria that makes all of their pizza components from scratch and on site. When you take a bite of their slice, you can feel the TLC invested into each ingredient. The only downside of Saluggi's is that once you have their pie, you won't be able to eat anywhere else.  I've tried to go to other pizza joints, but I always end up kicking myself for the mere attempt of trying to find an adequate substitution.  Why do I bother with other pizzerias when I have Saluggi's right around the corner?? in New York.

So, when I was invited to spend a beautiful summer Saturday morning in their kitchen, I thought to myself... why not invite Jose along?  He has the same Saluggi's obsession as I do, and the man appreciates the process involved in making exceptional creme de la creme food. Plus, favorite neighbor and favorite pizzeria just go together like mozzerella and pizza dough!

Resident Pizza Maestro, Pedro

The Curd Before Mozzy Perfection

This actually was harder than it looks! 

Oozy, Gooey, Rich and Cheesy. Mozzarella Heaven

Hot Neighbor Jose Mastered the Art of Sexy Eating

Whereas, I have not. I think I need to watch more Nigella.

I DID, however, Master the Art  of Kitchen Karat-TAY! Hiiii YAH!

Beautiful Piece of Pie. Simple. Majestic. Perfection.

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  1. This is incredible! LOVE being a part of the whole thing!


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