Friday, August 31, 2012

Chambord Soaked Berries Shortcake with Vanilla Whip

I am not the biggest sports fan.  All of my sports trivia knowledge comes from watching basketball, football and boxing with my dad, circa 1990 - 1996.  

What do you mean?!  Patrick Ewing doesn't play for the Knicks anymore?  Really??  Jim Kelly isn't the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills? Wait a second, why does Charles Barkley look so hefty*? Why is Michael Jordan walking around with a golf club and not a basketball? What in the world is going on!?!  

*I was informed by Clara Mae James that Charles Barkley is a Weight Watcher's member and is no longer hefty.  Sorry, Charles. You are not fat, you look fabulous. Keep up the good work! 

I am pretty much clueless about anything that happened in sports after the second millennium.  I guess you can call me sport's own Encino Man! Speaking of a true classic from the nineties! 

Even though I've never in my adult life watched a game in its entirety on TV, I do love a good ole fashion sports outing! I love the comradery that takes place amongst spectators while mutually witnessing a sporting event live in a stadium. I always get caught up by the infectious team spirit and applaud  with gusto whenever the home team scores a point or makes a winning play. Who cares that my cheers come with a two second delay? I am never entirely clear on what is exactly happening on the field. Whooo cares. Shouting boisterously with a large crowd is always good fun! 

Sometimes, to shake things up, I would use outings as an opportunity to proclaim my love for other things not related to sports.  For instance...

Devoted Jets fans - 

"Go Jets, Jets, JETS!"

Me -

"I love ICE CREAM!!"

Fun, right?

Anyway, when my friends suggested a trip to the MetLife Stadium to not only watch the NY Jets play the Carolina Panthers, but to also have a serious pregame tailgate feast, I enthusiastically said yes! The only problem was, because we all lived in Manhattan, neither one of us owned a car. 

No car? No problem!

Equipped with a parking lot pass.... 

We decided to have a tailgate picnic right there in a parking spot! 

Sure, there were some heckling from people tailgating out of their hummers and SUVs. Much to my surprise, one fellow gas guzzling tailgater even had the audacity to call our picnic "sad"! 

I thought our tailgating picnic was far from sad! Don't you? On the contrary, I thought a more accurate description would be innovative and exceptionally earth friendly! Losers. 

Besides, who needs a car when you have Popeyes fried chicken?

Oh, and Coronas.

Despite the light heckling from passersby, I had an amazing time at MetLife stadium.  Don't ask me who won or how many touchdowns so and so made, all I know is that Popeyes is always awesome and oh, yeah, Tebow was there (thanks, Karen). 

Chambord Soaked Berries Shortcake with Vanilla Whip

This recipe requires absolutely no cooking and is super easy.  Perfect for a tailgate! Beware, football fans will stare and make fun of you due to its "bougie" presentation. 

"What is this?? Organic tailgating??" 

1 small carton of mixed berries
1 travel sized Chambord bottle
1 package of store bought shortcake 
1 tub of whipped cream

1. Soak the berries in Chambord overnight. 

2. When you're ready to eat dessert, top soaked berries on a shortcake and top with whipped cream.  Done! Go Jets! 

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